Qsic is the music system I’ve needed for a long time. It adapts to the in store environment and automates the best possible customer experience. Very clever but simple to use.

ADAM KELLY - McDonalds Franchisee Committee Chairman

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qsic?

Qsic is the world’s first automated and intelligent audio system built just for businesses. And we’re transforming the commercial music space so you can transform yours.

Delivering a perfect in-store or in-venue sound experience, Qsic pairs in-depth musical knowledge with intelligently gathered businesses data to deliver seamless soundtracks that enhance sales, encourage repeat business, improve customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line.

How does Qsic work?

Qsic is a commercial music streaming service. While services like Spotify or Apple Music provide streaming music for personal use, Qsic provides a business-grade music streaming service – complete with 12+ million tracks from Australasia’s largest commercial music collection. Our unique formula mixes deep machine learning, business data and human curation in order to predict the best times to play tracks that will positively influence customers. We’ve also developed an API that can connect with your key business data to further enhance the value of Qsic. We are the only company in the world providing this cutting-edge service..

Why should I choose Qsic?

Qsic is the world’s only commercial music streaming service with built-in AI to positively influence your customers’ mood, mindset, and behaviours. We’ve invested a lot of time and money into developing Qsic into what it is today, and we will continue to evolve Qsic as new technologies become available. We are also committed to continuously expand Qsic’s capabilities so our customers can reap the benefits of Qsic’s business-first features. Discover Qsic’s service features and benefits by visiting our music page.

How is music curated to match my brand?

Qsic offers a branded curation service as part of our premium offering. Customers who opt for this service will enjoy curated music that fuses your critical business data with machine learning algorithms and real life music consultants. We are the only Australian commercial music streaming provider delivering highly customised music experiences geared towards increasing sales and improved customer experiences.

How can music drive business sales?

Music is a business’ most under utilised resource. Most commercial spaces use background music as a basic utility that sets the mood and greets customers. But music can be a powerful business tool. The pace and beat of music has a direct impact on the overall feel of your business as well as the buying habits of your customers. Studies have shown that slow playing music has the power to increase purchases made instore. More recently, research has proven that faster music will encourage customers to move quickly. The short story is, music tailored to your audience can positively influence and contribute to the behaviour and flow of customers moving in, out and around your business.

Add to the mix Qsic’s smart algorithms and feedback from your key business data, Qsic can begin to forecast your business patterns and play the right music at the right times. This is how Qsic can turn your commercial music into a high performing sales platform that drives repeat business and increases sales.

What other features are in development?

At Qsic, we’re not just marketers, we’re also technologists. We’re continuously developing new ways to leverage data and customer insights for better business outcomes. We are pioneers who will stop at nothing to innovate and evolve the commercial music landscape so businesses can grow through the power of intelligent music. Watch this space for new innovations.

I'm a journalist, who should I contact regarding press?

For all press enquiries, please contact hi@getqsic.com.au


How many tracks will I have access to?

With Qsic you have unlimited access to 12 million + songs and over 100 professionally curated playlists. We strike a balance between quantity and quality to deliver an abundance of musical genres and types. With thousands of new tracks added weekly, your business always has access to a fresh selection of the latest music.

How often do our playlists get updated?

At Qsic HQ we have new music funneling in from music aggregators across the globe. After we take to the new content with a fine tooth comb, fresh music is sent out to the network daily, weekly and monthly.

Can I play music in multiple stores and venues?

Yes. Qsic is designed to suit a single location or multiple stores and venues. Call our customer service team on 1300 113 279 to discuss your venue requirements.

What is Autonomous Volume Control?

Our patented AVA technology uses in store decibel readers to listen to the environment and balance speakers in correlation to environmental noise. This means music is always seamlessly balanced – no more shouting over loud music or music you can’t quite hear.

Can I schedule music my way?

Yes. You can choose how you you would like to use Qsic. Be hands on and select playlists, tracks and settings, or sit back and let’s Qsic’s curated playlists, smart automation and smooth flow algorithm deliver pitch perfect content all day and night long. And when your business is closed, staff can take control and play their own style of music.

Do you offer brand aligned music curation?

Yes. We can work closely with your brand management team to ensure the music content strategy optimally aligns with your brand identity and customer preferences.

We have a range of branded curation plans available, to find out more contact our sales team.

Can I use Qsic with Sonos?

Yes. Qsic is one of the only native commercial music services available within SONOS in Australia and New Zealand. We’ve partnered up with SONOS speakers to bring extended commercial opportunities to your business. Features include autonomous volume adjustment and multi-zone control – all delivered through SONOS’ high quality wireless speakers. Your space never sounded better.

Will the music continue to play without an internet connection?

On SONOS, if you lose your connection, the system seamlessly switches to saved playlists in offline mode. Pre-curated offline playlists will kick in to keep the vibe alive while your internet issues are corrected. We can also give you the ability to play directly from saved offline playlists within SONOS.

On our iOS app, you can save playlists to offline mode so you can playback without an internet connection.

Due to licensing restrictions, we are unable to save playlists for offline playback on our web player.

Can I use my existing speaker system?

Yes, Qsic works with all existing speaker systems.

Qsic Plans

How much does Qsic cost?

Plans start from as little as $120/m ex GST. We can also tailor plans to suit single or multiple venues. Contact our sales team to see how we can help your business.

Am I locked into any contracts with Qsic?

Qsic has a number of different plans to suit the needs of your business. Contact our sales team to find out more.

What is included in a monthly plan?

Our monthly plans include a range of features to suit your business. Visit our pricing page for more details.

Does Qsic include PPCA/APRA costs?

Qsic is not inclusive of PPCA/APRA costs. For all public performance licensing we can help manage and collect fees on your behalf so you can focus on running your business knowing artists will receive fair payment for their music.

How do I cancel my plan?

To cancel your plan, please contact hi@getqsic.com.au or call 1300 113 279 and select option 1.


How do I make payments?

Payments are direct debited from a nominated credit card or bank account.

What types of payment do you accept?

Qsic accepts most credit and debit cards, as well as direct debit from a bank account.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged when you start using your Qsic subscription.


What devices are supported?

We support web based browsers and iOS devices.

How can I download the app?

You can download the central management console iOS app here or access the web player via the login button at the top right of this page.

How do I setup multiple locations?

For multi site setups we will work directly with you to customise Qsic. For any enquiries about multiple venues, please contact us on 1300 113 279.

How can I link my current business systems to Qsic?

Our API allows external applications to securely connect and share key business data – customer loyalty, CRM or BI. From changing music content or switching digital to match demand through to notifying the rostering system of prolonged busy periods, Qsic can connect and enhance your business. Call our customer service team on 1300 113 279 to find out if your API is supported or if we can help develop one for you.


Do you have a support desk?

Yes. If you are experiencing issues with your Qsic system or service, you can email or call our Australian-based support team at support@getqsic.com or on 1300 113 279.